The European plastics recycling industry lacks uniform standards and certification schemes which would strengthen the secondary raw materials market and encourage higher use of recyclates. Varying standards lead to differing quality and often quantities of plastics recyclates, making it hard for consumers to rely on constant supplies of high-quality products.  


EuCertPlast was created with the aim of standardizing and encouraging environmentally-friendly plastics recycling processes. The scheme focuses particularly on the process of traceability and assessment of conformity and content of recycled plastics, striving to recognize and accredit recyclers that operate according to high-quality standards. The certification is based on the European Standard EN 15343:2007. In 2019, the EuCertPlast certified nominal capacity amounted to
3.4M tonnes, with 166 certified plants.

EuCertPlast website provides information on accredited auditors, as well as the certified recyclers. Furthermore, documents explaining the certification procedure in detail are available.