Systemic change is needed to effectively address the plastic waste crisis,
where redesign, prevention, reuse and recycling work hand in hand to make a
long-lasting and sustainable transformation toward circular economy.

What will shape the European
plastic recycling market
in the coming years?

Design for recycling,
collection & sorting

Bringing back value to the materials starts with design of recyclable products. In parallel, collection and sorting capacities must be maximised, while increasing their quality and efficiency.

Circular products for
new markets

Proliferation of closed loop and cascaded plastic recycling practices will positively impact the availability & quality of recyclates on the European market.

Transparency, standards,
& harmonisation

Clear messaging is key in safeguarding the end-consumer’s trust in recycled products. In parallel, standardisation & harmonisation of waste management practices will secure a reliable inflow of quality materials for recycling. This also includes the end-of-waste criteria for better regulation of waste shipments across and outside of the EU.

Best practices & new

Europe must continue to adopt the best practices in sorting, washing, extrusion & decontamination of plastics waste. While new technologies bear significant importance, Europe must not overlook the existing ones which already contribute greatly toward the recycling targets.

Well-established recycled
plastic market

Decoupling virgin plastics price from recycled material remains a priority to safeguard the demand for recycled materials.

Sustainable use of
resources & green energy

In addition to optimising the recycling processes, plastics recycling facilities are increasingly becoming more sustainable with the use of closed-loop water management systems and renewable energy.

Value chain collaboration

The commitment of both the industry and the policymakers to support the transformation of the plastic waste management is key to advance plastics recycling rates in Europe.


Europe sets itself apart as the leader in sustainable legislative action and with the right incentives, it will continue to stimulate the growth of the recycling industry via a comprehensive framework & boosted investments.