18 Jan 2018

Plastics Strategy highlights the way forward

The European plastics recycling industry welcomes and fully supports the Plastics Strategy published by the European Commission. Guidelines and measurements outlined in the Strategy, if implemented swiftly and efficiently, can serve as the foundation for creating a truly sustainable and circular plastics market, and in turn set Europe as the global industry leader.


Ton Emans, PRE President, said: “The Commission made the right analysis of the issues surrounding plastics. As for end-of-life, the market barriers have been clearly identified and the planned actions can contribute towards making plastics circular. The plastics industry will have to adapt to the changes ahead to enable sustainable production, consumption and end-of-life treatment for all plastics.”.

He added: “Quality recycling can only be achieved if products are designed for recycling, collected, sorted efficiently and treated through advanced recycling processes. Our industry is ready to cooperate with all the interested stakeholders to make the necessary changes in the plastics and waste markets in Europe”.


Concrete actions and commitments are needed from all the industry actors, as well as the public authorities and citizens. Collective efforts will bear fruit to the goals set by the much-needed Plastics Strategy.