In ensuring the circular transition for plastics and plastic packaging, design for recycling is among the key aspects. Compatibility of materials, easy separation and the use of additives, among other features, play a role in determining the recyclability of a given product. 

Making recyclability one of the requirements and incorporating it with other performance criteria such as product safety, shelf life or branding would safeguard a sustainable use of resources. 

PRE established RecyClass with the aim of helping brand owners and converters improve the design of their plastic packaging. Three main pillars guide the activities of RecyClass: Recyclability Evaluation Protocols, Design for Recycling Guidelines and the RecyClass Online Tool. These three pillars are interlinked, leading to sound/coherent and lab-based conclusions that are incorporated throughout the initiative.

Consult the Design for Recycling Guidelines to learn more about the recyclability of your product. 

Plastic packaging needs to be designed thoughtfully in order to be fully sustainable and recyclable. RecyClass released a series to guide you through a number of aspects that make well-designed plastic packaging. Learn more about the recyclability of PET and HDPE bottles, as well as LDPE pouches.