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Plastics Recyclers Publications

Plastics Recyclers Publications

Technical plastic parts strategy paper: The way ahead for automotive and electrical & electronic plastics waste

Technical plastic parts strategy paper gives an overview of the current market situation, as well as the challenges that the automotive and electrical & electronic sectors fact. Furthermore, the paper provides a number of guideline measures for the way ahead towards a circular economy for these plastic streams.

Blueprint for plastics packaging waste: Quality sorting & recycling

Outlining a number of possible measures, the study provides an insight on how a 55% plastic packaging recycling rate can be achieved. Quantitative and qualitative overviews are given on the current flows of the most commonly used polymers in France, Germany, Spain, Italy and UK, which represent 70% of the total plastic packaging waste generated in Europe. The study also demonstrates economic and social benefits of increased recycling rates.

Plastics Recyclers Europe 20 Years Later and Way Forward – Making More from Plastic Waste

PRE Strategy Paper 2016 outlines the challenges of the European plastics industry and emphasizes the circular economy model as a way to move forward, highlighting the effects it would have on the economy and on the environment. Additionally, the paper provides on overview of the European plastics recycling industry.

Increased EU Plastics Recycling Targets: Environmental, Economic and Social Impact Assessment, 2015

As the title states, this study examines the environmental, economic and social effects that increased plastics recycling entails. The scope of the impact was assessed for the entire plastics waste management value chain. The results of the impact assessment show very positive results in saving considerable amounts of GHG emissions and in creating thousands of indirect and direct jobs within the EU economy.

Study on Mechanical Recycling Targets for Plastics, 2013

This study describes scenarios to further improve the sustainability of plastics via recycling in Europe by 2020. Enhancing plastics recycling could help save scarce resources, create jobs and reduce environmental impacts. This study proposes crucial measures that should be taken in order to achieve that.

Europe has the means to significantly increase its plastics recycling rates and reap very large benefits in resource savings, job creation and environmental conservation.

How to Boost Plastics Recycling and Increase Energy Efficient, Strategy Paper of Plastics Recyclers Europe 2012

2012 PRE Strategy Paper focuses on mechanical recycling and outlines 3 different recommendations as to how it can be increased: ban on landfill, higher recycling targets and design for recycling. Additionally, an overview is given of the plastics industry in Europe. In line with that, different recovery operations are described.