PRE 1000 - Voluntary Industry Standard

Recyclers placing a product on the market need to ensure that the recycled plastic is compliant with product regulation and fulfill the end of waste criteria of the Waste Framework Directive.
As within product legislation, there are extensive requirements on substances, Plastics Recyclers Europe (PRE) developed the PRE 1000 voluntary industry standard to enable recyclers to produce legally compliant material in a cost-effective manner. This method is meant to be integrated into the quality control procedure already present at recyclers’ facilities.

Legislation covered in PRE 1000
The method includes the screening of all SVHCs, all substances under relevant REACH restrictions, all relevant POP substances and all RoHS substances. This originally resulted in a list of 240 entries, which has expanded over time as legislation has evolved and the standard thus updated.

pre 1000.png

The method PRE 1000
The concept of the method is based on the principle of elimination. 

For more information about the PRE 1000 standard or on how to proceed with the analysis, please contact us.