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By joining PRE, you become a member of the most influential network of plastics recyclers in Europe.

With this membership, you open the doors to:

  • A network of more than 140 recyclers and plastic value chain actors

  • Timely updates on the EU policies impacting plastics recycling

  • Access to experts’ knowledge

  • Updates on new trends and developments in the business

  • Opportunity to contribute towards a positive change in the market

  • Participation in PRE’s workshops and various projects of benefit to the industry.

Membership Categories & Priviledges

PRE membership is open to companies and organisations with the main decision centre, the mother company, the main shareholder, a holding company or any other, in one of the European Union Member States or UK,  Switzerland, Norway, Albania, Macedonia and the European Union Candidate Countries.

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Active Members
Join now!

Join now!


How to apply?

  1. Fill out the PRE Membership application forms

  2. Applicants for the Active Membership (Recyclers) must send the application together with the national certificate of installed capacity and the installation permit.

  3. Send your application to

What happens next?

  1. Verification of the application:

    • The Management Committee will verify whether the candidate fulfils the required conditions.

    • The application for access will be submitted to the General Assembly for approval and accepted by an affirmative vote by the Members are the General Assembly

  2. The applicant will be informed about the final decision made at the General Assembly