Pots, Tubs & Trays Working Group

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Recycling of pots, tubs and trays is a rather new activity developing in various countries. This Group looks for solutions for recycling of pots, tubs and trays which would not put in jeopardy the currently existing single polymer streams (e.g. PET, LDPE), and would allow for decreasing the amount of plastic waste which is currently not recycled. Recycling of these materials could help towards fulfilling the quotas for plastic recycling. 

We are looking for new technology for sorting and washing of pots, tubs and trays. 

Chairman of the PTTs Working Group - Werner KruschitzKruschitz GmbH

Vice-Chairman - Rob Labots, Van Werven

Please contact us for more information on the activities of this Working Group.

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The installed capacity for recycling flexible polyethylene (PE: PE-LD, PE-LLD PE-MD & PE-HD) has been increasing significantly over the last years.


The European plastics recycling industry welcomes and fully supports the Plastics Strategy published by the European Commission.