PVC Applications

PVC products can be found, among others, in:

  • building and construction: pipes, ducts and fittings, linings for tunnels, water reservoirs, swimming pools; sheet; window frames, floor and wall coverings (whose almost 100% of the plastic content is PVC)
  • packaging: food (beverage bottles: water jugs, bottles for fruit juices) and non-food packaging (pharmaceuticals, labels);
  • automotive: interior trimmings; steering wheels
  • electrics: cables;
  • credit cards,
  • medical products: blood bags, surgical gloves
  • agriculture: pipes, hoses
  • textile: coated fabrics,
  • other: children’s toys, shower curtains

It is worth mentioning that PVC is the main polymer applied in Western Europe in pipe production what constitutes around one quarter of all PVC products manufactured in Europe. In addition, more than 50 % of all the European window profiles are made of PVC, which ist the biggest market for PVC in Europe and counts for more than one quarter .

PVC is a recyclable material. The plastic industry has been working on boosting the collection of PVC waste, mainly from Building and Construction sector, where PVC is most widely applied.

Latest news

The installed capacity for recycling flexible polyethylene (PE: PE-LD, PE-LLD PE-MD & PE-HD) has been increasing significantly over the last years.


The European plastics recycling industry welcomes and fully supports the Plastics Strategy published by the European Commission.