PET Application

Depending on the application PET can be modified, by means of different additives, in order to meet specific requirements: different colour, UV stabilization, degree of crystallization etc.

PET bottles are currently in an expansion as they constitute a perfect substitution for glass in number of applications. Undoubtedly PET has an outstanding position in production of plastic bottles.  Apart from bottles, PET is widely used in production of fiber, film, sheet, strapping as well where it has become a proven alternative to other materials. Within beverages packaging PET is undoubtedly the leader, the total amount of PET bottles consumption. The largest share of PET bottles within this sector is observed in production of water and carbonated drinks followed by juices, ready to drink tea and others.

Since the beginning of the nineties, PET has developed steadily towards a level of just over 3.5 million tons in 2015. This level is mainly in the packaging applications give life to close to 7% of all plastic products in Europe. The main applications in Europe are PET bottles. Sheet is also growing fast using high level of RPET. The other known applications are fibers, strapping and others. The others contain smaller markets like engineering plastics and some use in chemicals production.


Latest news

A new study by Plastics Recyclers Europe shows that the 65% recycling target for plastic packaging is achievable by 2025. The study determines a set of measures and necessary tools that will result in attaining this recycling rate.