Plastics Recyclers Europe welcomes the launch of the 7th EAP

The 7th Environment Action Programme is going in the right direction to push plastics recycling according to Plastics Recyclers Europe.

Ton Emans, EuPR President, said that “the targets set by this new EAP to 2020 will trigger the right conditions to boost plastics recycling in Europe. This will enable improved resource efficiency, allow sustainable economic growth and create green jobs”.

Furthermore, the objective stated in the 7th EAP in which “waste is safely managed as a resource, waste generated per capita is in absolute decline, energy recovery is limited to non-recyclable materials and landfilling of recyclable and compostable materials is effectively eradicated” is fully in line with an efficient waste hierarchy. Additionally, as underlined in this vision “eco-designed” products are essential to “optimising resource and material efficiency”.

“Plastics Recyclers Europe is looking forward to contribute to the development of these polices to ultimately improve the sustainability of plastics” said Ton Emans.


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The European plastics recycling industry welcomes and fully supports the Plastics Strategy published by the European Commission.