EuCertPlast Auditors' Accreditation

The accreditation procedure has been achieved in three phases. First, these high level auditors have been selected according to the strict requirements foreseen by the EuCertPlast Consortium. Second, they have been trained in order to be fully up to date with the EuCertPlast Audit. Finally, an independent international accreditation body (DNV) ran an exam in order to assure that the auditors have the required knowledge to run a proper EuCertPlast Audit.
Th is extensive process is needed in order to assure a standardised and high level of quality for the audits across Europe. Additional accreditations will be planned in the near future to fulfil the request of new auditors for Europe and ensure quality recycling of plastics takes place. All plastics recyclers wishing to get an EuCertPlast audit can now contact one of the accredited auditor listed on the EuCertPlast website (

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