PET Recycling

Mechanical recycling of PET waste consists of the process of granulating and washing post-consumer bottles in order to produce clean (RPET) flake. However it can be as well used in chemical recycling or energy recovery. In 2011 RPET flake has been used mainly in production of fibers this has changed over the recent years, in 2016 blow moulding (bottles) and sheet are the main applications for its reuse.

R-PET has nowadays more limitations due to number of multi-coloured as well as multi-material bottles which reduce closed loop options. The availability of clear and blue bottles is low which hampers production of recycled sheet and bottles. 

PET is fully recyclable and can be recycled up to 5-7 times without losing its properties. However, the purity of the input material is crucial in obtaining high quality recyclate, especially in food contact applicationsThe new regulation for recyclates in Food packaging will create a level playing field to improve the circular economy operation for the R-PET.

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Latest news

The installed capacity for recycling flexible polyethylene (PE: PE-LD, PE-LLD PE-MD & PE-HD) has been increasing significantly over the last years.


The European plastics recycling industry welcomes and fully supports the Plastics Strategy published by the European Commission.