The benefits of recycling become increasingly visible and valued as one solution to Europe’s raw material challenges.
Through initiatives by industry and legislative measures such as EU - wide recycling targets for waste materials and products, significant amounts of waste have been diverted from landfills and used as raw materials in the manufacture of products. Several European manufacturing sectors base a significant and increasing part of their production on secondary raw materials.
At the same time, there is still a potential that is not collected but incinerated or landfilled. A significant volume of recyclable waste is collected in Europe but is exported to third countries to be recycled/ recovered / treated there. This development poses challenges to the closing of the recycling loops and therefore the European goal of becoming a recycling society. With this position paper, the undersigning recycling sectors would like to explain the functioning of the recycling value chain and the challenges which the recycling sectors face today. They make concrete proposals for policies that would be needed to optimise the functioning of the recycling chains and thereby their contribution to a resource efficient Europe.
A detailed description of the material specific value chains and of the undersigning organisations can be found n in the enclosed file.


Latest news

The installed capacity for recycling flexible polyethylene (PE: PE-LD, PE-LLD PE-MD & PE-HD) has been increasing significantly over the last years.


The European plastics recycling industry welcomes and fully supports the Plastics Strategy published by the European Commission.