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PRE regrets the delay announced today for the EU’s Circular Economy Package. The European Commission unveiled its 2015 Work Programme today, during the European Parliament’s plenary session in Strasbourg, which withdraws the circular economy proposal.

Quality recycling and sorting have been the focal point of the PRE Annual Meeting 2014 which took place on the 20th and 21st of November in Brussels and gathered over 200 participants.

  • PRE releases recycling guidelines for PET trays.
  • PRE calls the value chain to team-up to build-up a PET Trays platform.

Plastics recycling is widely accepted as a milestone on the road to zero plastics in landfilling. The international VDI conference Plastic Waste Recycling - Processing and new Applications - will cover available technologies to sort, process and transform plastic waste back into recycled plastic products. Expect discussions on reducing, reusing, recycling: How do plastics behave on different levels of the waste hierarchy, upcycling/downcycling: Does it exist at all? Get insights in new business models and means of an applications of recycled plastics.

“’Weak collection of HDPE/PP bottle fractions in Europe,’’ says Vice Chair Plastics Recyclers Europe Herbert Snell.