Guidelines of packagings

RecyClass TM is partially basin the recyclability assessment on existing recycling guidelines:

  • PET clear bottle: EPBP
  • PET coloured bottle: EPBP
  • PE-HD bottle
  • PP bottle
  • Pot, Tub and Tray in PP and/or PE
  • Flexible film in PE-LLD/PE-LD/PP/PE-HD/PET

See below downloadable guidlines.

Latest news

The average yield of the PET recyclers has decreased from 73% to 68% since 2011. This 5 points decrease has led to substantial and additional cost for the European PET recyclers. Additionally, recyclers are obliged to discard more material in order to achieve good quality of recycled PET.


Professionals from the plastics recycling sector and its value chain have gathered at the Annual Meeting 2017 in Barcelona on the 15th of June at the conference that featured high-level speakers in