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Leading provider of innovative solutions in the fields of polyolefins, base chemicals and fertilizers. With its head office in Vienna, Austria, Borealis AG currently has around 6,600 employees and operates in over 120 countries. Borealis generated EUR 7.2 billion in sales revenue and a net profit of EUR 1,107 million in 2016. Mubadala, through its holding company, owns 64% of the company, with the remaining 36% belonging to Austria-based OMV, an integrated, international oil and gas company. Borealis provides services and products to customers around the world in collaboration with Borouge, a joint venture with the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC).


Recovinyl is an initiative by the European PVC value-chain aimed at facilitating PVC waste collection and recycling under the Voluntary Commitments of Vinyl 2010 and now VinylPlus. Recovinyl's target is to stimulate and certify the use of 800,000 tonnes of recycled PVC per year by 2020, as part of the total challenge set in the VinylPlus Voluntary Commitment.

Today, Recovinyl does more than ensuring that the volumes of PVC being recycled each year increase. Recovinyl's mission extends to optimising the resource efficiency of the PVC industry by mediating between recyclers and converters to establish a trustworthy relationship and material flow. 

Since it was founded in 1983, EREMA Engineering Recycling Maschinen und Anlagen GmbH has specialised in the development and production of plastics recycling systems and technologies for the plastics processing industry. 

Product portfolio includes: plastics recycling systems for standard applications and production waste, plastic recycling systems for heavily printed/contaminated post-consumer waste, FDA-approved PET recycling systems, VACUREMA®, EFSA approval requested via customers (e.g. for bottle to bottle recycling), inline PET applications (e.g. for fibre, film and strapping), COREMA® plastic recycling system for the production of highly filled and customised compounds, fully automatic, self-cleaning melt filters and pelletising systems

There are 5,000 EREMA systems in operation around the world, recycling 14 million tonnes of plastic annually.

Dedicated to bringing health through food to as many people as possible, Danone is a leading global food company built on four business lines: Essential Dairy and Plant-Based Products, Early Life Nutrition, Waters and Medical Nutrition. Through its mission and dual commitment to business success and social progress, the company aims to build a healthier future, thanks to better health, better lives and a better world, for all its stakeholders—its more than 100,000 employees, consumers, customers, suppliers, shareholders and all the communities with which it engages. With products being present in over 130 markets, Danone generated sales of approximately €22 billion in 2016. Danone’s brand portfolio includes both international brands (Activia, Actimel, Alpro, Danette, Danonino, Danio, Evian, Volvic, Nutrilon/Aptamil, Nutricia...) and local brands (among others: Aqua, Blédina, Cow & Gate, Bonafont, Horizon Organic, Mizone, Oikos, Prostokvashino, Silk, Vega).

Sustainability is integrated across the entire company, all the way from corporate strategy down to processes and product development. Clariant is listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) 2018 for the sixth consecutive year and is recognized as one of the most sustainable chemical companies, testifying to the long-standing commitment of Clariant to sustainability. Clariant continuously steers its activities and product portfolio to create additional value for customers and contributes positively to global sustainability development. An example of this are the EcoTain®  labelled products which outperform conventional products in terms of performance and sustainability. Currently, more than 150 products have been awarded the EcoTain® label — and this figure continues to grow.

Clariant is a globally leading specialty chemicals company, based in Muttenz near Basel, Switzerland. On 31 December 2017 the company employed a total workforce of 18 135. In the financial year 2017, Clariant recorded sales of CHF 6.377 billion for its continuing businesses. Clariant’s corporate strategy is based on five pillars: add value with sustainability, focus on innovation and R&D, reposition portfolio, intensify growth, and increase profitability.

Develops and manufactures high performance filtration systems and custom injection moulding machines for the international market. Ettlinger’s filtration systems are used successfully in many different countries, with a reputation for extreme reliability and robust quality. With every purchased system, the customers reap the benefits of several decades of experience, unique innovation capabilities and pioneering technology made in Germany that sets benchmarks worldwide.

Ettlinger melt filters are the perfect technology for processing a variety of recycled materials – with a patented principle that has already demonstrated its functionality and performance in many industrial applications.
Ettlinger injection moulding machines offer several crucial advantages: their unique technical concept unites high shot volumes and short cycle times with much lower clamping forces. They thus ensure consistently high productivity.

Founded in 1996, the Austrian Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen GmbH develops, manufactures and distributes customized plastic recycling solutions. The systems are manufactured at the headquarters in Feldkirchen and used in more than 80 countries worldwide. Thanks to modern customer care centres in Europe, the USA and China, NGR is never far from its clients. NGR recycling solutions realize zero-scrap production for the plastics converting industry and provide solutions for the production of high-quality pellets out of post-consumer plastic waste. With the new LSP-technology PET-material is leaving the recycling process in a better condition compared to the raw material (= upcycling). Focusing on future, NGR enforces the change to a circular economy. To preserve plastics as a valuable raw material as long as possible for the next generations, NGR is pushing the plastics industry as a technology leader. NGR is part of a strong network: NEXT GENERATION GROUP (Collin, BritAS, NGR).

Since 1958, the Italian AMUT has been manufacturing custom-tailored solutions and turn-key plants, in its four machinery & technology divisions - Extrusion, Thermoforming, Recycling and Printing/Converting. AMUT GROUP is also present in North America, Brazil (AMUT WORTEX) and South East Asia to offer the best possible on-site service and a faster response to meet local demands. 

A highly-specialised Division is dedicated to the construction of recycling plants for PET/HDPE/PP bottles and containers and PE film, assuring a greater quality of flakes purity suitable to meet the highest standards for Bottle-to-Bottle applications. AMUT production includes also the patented DE-LABELLER, a dry pre-cleaning system removing full-body shrink sleeve labels from PET bottles.

AMUT ECOTECH Division is a producer of waste sorting and disposal equipment/factories for urban and industrial waste.

Established in 1993 in German city of Hanau, BritAS develops and manufactures full-automatic belt melt filter for post-consumer recycling. Very well known in the market the ABMF series convince with easiest operation handling and lowest operation costs.

Beside of these advantages the ABMF series has been approved as the leading filter technology in agricultural film recycling as it perfectly matches with hard contamination.

By upscaling the constant available filter area up to 1600 cm² the ABMF series can handle higher volumes and higher level of contamination.

Beside of the ABMF series BritAS supplies other auxiliary equipment such as Gas Control GK1500 which ensures a continuous measuring of the bulk density of the pellets. The GK control can be installed as stand-alone machine or implemented in a complete extrusion line.

At the forefront of plastic flake recycling, Bühler is renowned worldwide for supplying industry-leading optical sorting solutions that maximise not only your processing capacities but also the recovery and purity of your recycled PET flakes.

With the most flexible and versatile optical sorting portfolio, Bühler can supply a truly dedicated one-stop optical sorting solution that targets all of your major recycling concerns.  From colour, polymer, metal and foreign material removal, processors can be confident of the highest-grade PET flakes every time.

Fimic established its name in the world not only based on the advanced technology, but also thanks to the relations with its customers, based on mutual collaboration and respect - this has taken to a valorization of Fimic brand which is associated with innovation, quality and costs savings.

Fimic Srl, an Italian company, has been working in the recycling field since the early 70s. Three generations have collaborated over the years to produce the Fimic self-cleaning automatic melt filter. The filter is particularly suitable for heavily contaminated molted plastics, putting together an easy operability with effective costs savings.

Initially, the core business focused on guillotines suitable for cutting plastics, paper and rubber, with different dimensions and power (more than 300 machines have been installed across Europe and internationally).


German family company specialized in plastics size reduction and wash lines. Herbold was established in 1884.  

The company offers a wide range of machines for recycling of post-industrial and post-consumer end of life waste plastics: shredders, granulators, washers, separators, dryers and agglomerators. Herbold is strong in after sales service, overhauling and upgrading of existing recycling lines, and the supply of single machines and complete systems.  Additionally, Herbold offers a choice of second hand machinery.

Provider of innovative and trusted shredding solutions as a one-stop partner for everything from planning to development, construction, production and other services for decades. At the production facilities in Spittal/Drau and Feistritz/Drau, machinery and components are manufactured for export to 1000 countries. The plant includes static and mobile shredders for waste utilization, complete plastics recycling systems and systems for processing alternative fuels and substrates for biomass plants. Lindner machines cover a wide range of applications including household refuse, commercial and industrial waste, plastics, packaging materials, paper, lightweight scrap and waste wood as well as special applications such as tires and medical waste.

Neue Herbold Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH develops machines and installations for recycling of plastics. The company was founded in 1995 and has approximately 80 employees. Neue Herbold’s main activities focus around post-consumer and industrial inline recycling.

For industrial recycling, Neue Herbold produces grinders and pulverizers, and integrates them into the existing production lines so that scrap material can be immediately re-used.

For post-consumer recycling, the company offers, in addition to the above-mentioned machines, complete installations for the production of clean, uniform, de-dusted recyclate: multi axis shredders, conveyors, suction devices, wash grinders, shredders, film silos, prewash screws, thermal and mechanical dryers, hammer mills, intensive washers, friction washers, bale breakers, step dryers, big bag stations, and special machines.

Beside the main fields of activity, Neue Herbold also provides customized solutions, including the work with non-plastic materials, such as projects with aerated concrete or rubber. The company sees itself a solution supplier – always focusing on the customer's benefit.

Pellenc ST designs, produces and sells optical sorting equipment for waste treatment and the recycling industries.

Based on proprietary R&D and "Made in France" manufacturing, Pellenc ST offers equipment that is robust and easy-to-use. The company develops methods and quality control processes. Pellenc ST is certified with ISO 14001, ISO 180001 and ISO 9001.

With over 1 400 machines installed in more than 40 countries, Pellenc ST network boasts with local teams specially dedicated to its customers’ satisfaction. Sales and customer teams support their partners with specific expertise to optimize their sorting line. Pellenc ST call centre responds 24/7 and their service engineers who travel worldwide to guarantee the highest level of performance and availability.

One of the world’s leading manufacturers and developers of inspection, separation and sorting systems. Sesotec systems are used in process, packaging and production lines throughout industry and in the specialized preparation of materials for recycling. Sesotec devices and systems enable the customers to produce at the highest quality and at the maximum output, while avoiding resource waste. The product portfolio includes bottle and flake sorters for plastics recycling, as well as sorters for glass cullets, electrical and metal scrap.

SOREMA div. of PREVIERO N. SRL, with almost 40 years of experience has become a point of reference in the design, manufacturing and installation of plastic recycling plants for PET and HDPE bottles, PE film, PP film and raffia, fibres and other products in PE, PP, PET, PA, PS, ABS, etc. Leader in the recycling of packaging and post-consumer materials, Sorema offers a wide range of solutions including systems for cold/hot/chemical washing, pre-washing, material and colour sorting, wet grinding, drying, conveying and storing, continuous agglomeration and extrusion. Upon request Sorema also offers modules for the up-grade of existing plants. 

PREVIERO N. SRL, with more than 60 years of experience, is specialized in the production of machines and plants with customized solution for feeding, size reduction, transport and storing of plastic, rubber and cellulose items and products. Their production includes: blade grinders, shredders, pulverizers, pelletizers, cube-dicers and agglomerators.

Starlinger recycling technology offers machinery for the processing of post-industrial scrap and post-consumer waste as well as lines for the recycling and refinement of polyethylene terephthalate (PET). 

Starlinger recycling technology is a business unit of Austrian family-owned Starlinger & Co. Ges.m.b.H. that was founded in 1835. Since 1987, Starlinger recycling technology has provided machinery solutions for the recycling and refinement of a wide scope of plastics such as PE, PP, PA, PS, BOPP and PET. 

Starlinger machinery is characterised by easy handling and maintenance, an energy-saving technology and a flexible design to accommodate individual customer needs.

The worldwide sales and service support network and technical consulting services help customers achieve optimum results in the manufacturing process. Regional sales and service centres as well as numerous local agents ensure quick and comprehensive service that is close to the customer. Trials runs can also be arranged in the company’s US headquarters in South Carolina.


Italian family business specialized in plastic recycling plants and machinery since 1976. 

Tecnofer offers authentic tailor-made solutions with high regard for customer needs. Tecnofer machines are efficient, robust and reliable, with very low consumption and maintenance costs in addition to life-long assistance services and professional technical support. 

More than 1200 companies in over 60 countries all around the world choose Tecnofer technology for plastic recycling as well as for special recycling applications: food waste de-packaging, pulp waste, absorbent products, tetra pack, etc.

Tecnofer solutions are based on the principles of reliability and efficiency, as the high quality of machinery, optimization and stability over the production years are the key strategic factors.


TOMRA Sorting Recycling designs and manufactures sensor-based sorting technologies for the global recycling and waste management industry. Over 4,900 systems have been installed in 50 countries worldwide. 

Responsible for developing the world’s first near infrared sensor for waste sorting applications, TOMRA Sorting Recycling remains an industry pioneer with a dedication to extracting high purity fractions from waste streams that maximize both yield and profits. 

TOMRA Sorting Recycling is part of TOMRA Sorting Solutions which also develops sensor-based systems for sorting, peeling and process analytics for the food, mining and other industries. 

This powerful combination of technologies makes TOMRA Sorting one of the most advanced providers of sensor-based sorting solutions in the world, with over 10,500 of its systems installed globally. 

TOMRA Sorting is owned by Norwegian company TOMRA Systems ASA, which is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. Founded in 1972, TOMRA Systems ASA has a turnover around €650m and employs over 2,800 people.